American Idiot by Green Day again hit thanks to Donald Trump

The song American Idiot from the American rock band Green Day is nearly fifteen years after the release of a hit to the.

On social media, fans launched a campaign to get the song on the first place of the charts to get as the American president Donald Trump a few days visiting the Uk. The campaign was successful: on Tuesday, ended up the number on the first spot in the iTunes Top 10 and at number 1 in the Amazon list of most downloaded songs in the United Kingdom, report American media.

Singer Billie Joe Armstrong wrote the song in 2004 about the re-election of U.s. president George W. Bush. The song was not a big hit in the US, but in Europe.

The action with the number Trump to mock, is also by American politicians embraced. Democratic senator Tim Kaine suggested earlier this week that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un the single American Idiot gift should do. He suggested this as a response to the gift that the dictator got from Trump, the single Rocket Man by Elton John. Trump called Kim Jong-Un on Twitter several times ’little rocket man’.

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