All football players and coach rescued from Thai cave

e4200dd84b32dfc1a7de8c32ed0837c6 - All football players and coach rescued from Thai cave

Bangkok – rescue Workers Tuesday in Thailand’s football team and the coach is freed from the flooded cave in the cave system of Tham Luang in the north of Thailand. Reported that a variety of media. Also the doctor and the three soldiers that the boys were safely out of the cave met.

How the soccer goes, it is not yet clear. According to multiple eyewitnesses, there are a short time ago, three ambulances departed from the grounds. Likely to transport the boys earlier today have been rescued to the hospital. The state of those guys was previously not stable enough to transport them to the hospital.

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Tuesday began the attempt to take the last group out of the cave. Two weeks ago, twelve football players, and their 25-year-old coach stuck in the cave because the entrance was flooding after heavy rains. Sunday could be the first four guys with a lot of effort from the system to be efficient.

The boys must be at least one week stay in the hospital for observation. They have their relatives not yet in the arms can close. That may come as the results from the laboratory show that they are no infections have contracted. The family of the first rescued group is already visited, but had behind glass remain.

Four boys who Monday were rescued, had a “very low body temperature”, but now a lot better. The boys get vitamins and may gradually return to normal food food. They also have a after two weeks in the dark cave and no problems with their sight.

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