Will Smith and Kevin Hart together on the movie screen

Smith suggested on Instagram for to work with Heart to make a film

Will Smith and Kevin Hart want to put together a new film within one year. The actor of The Independence Day left for the 39-year-old birthday of Heart and a message behind on Instagram. He did also a movie, and underneath it he wrote: “a heart gefeleiciteerd, Kev! @lizhernandez need us for an interview for a REAL MOVIE! Let’s make a film before your next birthday! @kevinhart4real”. The comedian responded and said that he is for a collaboration with Will Smith. “Done and done!!!!”, he replied. “Let’s gooooooo”.

Will was not the only celebrity who is Kevin a happy birthday, and wished – Kwayne Johnson and director Rawson Thurber made along a hilarious video message, in which she sees him for the joke, adding insult to injury. “Kevin, I’ve never liked, and Dwayne has literally worn in your last two films…”. This started Rawson the Instagram clip, which refers to the actiekomedie of both actors in 2016, and their most recent appearance in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Kevin replied with “I love you guys!!!!”

Hart celebrated his birthday Friday at Drai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas. Rapper Nelly was also there, while singer Trey Songz performed for everyone.

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