The Kik plays albums by Boudewijn de Groot

5621d6b5adf74d3baf9dcec575a028ea - The Kik plays albums by Boudewijn de Groot

Boudewijn de Groot has given its approval to the band The Kik to his albums For the survivors and Picnic, both from the sixties, integral with the orchestra to perform. The concerts are between 4 and 12 January in The Oosterpoort in Groningen, the netherlands, TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht, Theaters Tilburg and the New Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam.

“When I was a year or sixteen, I discovered the album For the survivors. My copy was already worn out from playing it before I bought and he is now clear; it was my favorite album of all time”, says frontman Dave von Raven of The Kik.

“The texts of Lennaert Nijgh with the seamlessly followed by the music and unique voice of Boudewijn de Groot and not to forget the great arrangements from arranger Bert Paige.” The singer discovered the album Picnic from 1968 until two decades later.

The slides are up on the day have never fully carried out on the stage. Dave von Raven: “It was of me always a desire to have the two sleutelalbums from the Dutch pop history integral to perform. Fortunately, we got Boudewijn himself the green light, and a dose of enthusiasm, a gift with which to start.”

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