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South Africa: popularity of crypto currencies increases

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In many countries In the Emerging Markets Bitcoin & co. are becoming increasingly popular. Also, the second-largest economy on the African continent, South Africa is experiencing a sustained Boom of crypto-currencies, despite the significant fall in prices of the market in the year 2018.

Just in southern Africa Bitcoin is primarily becoming stronger. Like BTC-ECHO reported recently, is the crypto-currency in Zimbabwe is increasingly on the rise. The policy-ridden country struggles to use the virtual Cash against the galloping Inflation.

Furthermore, it is also in South Africa, where the Economy in 2018 violently, to recognize this tendency. The country’s currency, the Rand, has marked a massive sell-off in other emerging countries in June of this year, a Six-month Low. As a result, many citizens of South Africa have currencies of their attention on Crypto and particularly on Bitcoin directed. In addition, the country has Recently introduced Multi-cryptocurrency ATMs.

Bitcoin is a popular topic in South Africa. The consequence is that The state at the southern tip of the continent, the largest Internet recorded traffic for Bitcoin topics.

South African crypto industry is Coming on strong

South African financial services provider in the Bitcoin industry to experience record levels. More companies such as Paxful, and Luno allow the population to trade Bitcoin. Luno, an Online exchange for Krytowährungen, offers its customers the currency pair BTC/edge, as well as ETH/edge. South Africans diversify their Portfolio rather wide, are powered by platforms such as Coindirect, where you will be Litecoin, Bitcoin, Cash, and Ripple can order. In addition, Coindirect provides local market participants, ERC-20-Standard-ICO-Tokens.

As local media reports, plans the asset management company Sygnia, the end of the year, a cryptocurrency trading platform in the country. According to the CEO of the company, Magda Wierzycka, wants to offer the platform called SygniaCoin trading options above simple purchases and sales of virtual cash. The projects of the company, thus, represents a further Upgrade of the crypto-currency landscape in South Africa.

In spite of the resistance of the banks, crypto currencies in South Africa to flourish

The leading banks of South Africa declared in may of this year, that the laws of the country require that they be the only institutions that have the Power of money in the country and to manage this. The Central Bank explained: Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies would not be legally recognized. However, the most important law in respect of crypto-currencies in April 2018, the announced rules for a new tax framework appeared. Finally, one can assume that the environment in South Africa is by no means restrictive. The result: the market is booming.

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