Rescue Thai football players resumed

5d004c26c26a5e499b8b6524104c32cc - Rescue Thai football players resumed

In Thailand going to the rescue workers go back to work on the remaining eight children and their coach to rescue from the flooded cave. That says a journalist Birgit Herteleer from the VTM News, which is locally.

There are several helicopters on standby to rescued children as quickly as possible to the hospital. It has the last night not rained, so the water level has remained stable.

Yesterday there were already four young players be successful from the flooded caves liberated, after more than two weeks trapped. The rescue operation was halted because of a lack of oxygen threatened in the cave.

The first boy came around 12.40 pm (Belgian time) to the outside. The second followed about ten minutes later. The football players walked on its own power to the medical staff.


From the first investigations, it appears that the rescued children relatively well. The Thai government wants the four children who are already out of the cave are saved to a precise research topics.

The between eleven and sixteen year old children are ‘strong’, as has Interior minister Anupong Paojinda, according to the Bangkok Post said Monday. Nevertheless, the teenagers yet further medical tests. They get since their rescue Sunday treatment in a hospital in the provincial capital of Chiang Rai.


Twelve football players between 11 and 16 years and their 25-year-old coach went to the cave of Tham Luang Nang Non, in the north of Thailand. A good rain made the water level so fast to rise that there was no way out was possible. After nine days of searching were the children and their coach found in a cave. However, it takes another week before the children can be liberated. Ondertussenstierf a rescuer due to lack of oxygen after the children supplied it had in the cave.

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