Parents Justin and Hailey react to engagement

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Although Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin himself have not yet spoken about their engagement, did the parents of the set Sunday on the good news.

Hailey’s father Stephen, the youngest of the four acting Baldwin Brothers, tweeted a text from the bible, with the hashtag #blessed. Later he placed a less cryptic tweet, but he removed again. According To E! he wrote therein: “A big smile on my face. My wife and I have always prayed to God. It nests in the hearts of JB&HB. Let’s all pray that his will will be done.” In the tweet, he would be the father and mother of Justin have been tagged in.

Justins father responded earlier on Instagram. “Proud is an understatement”, according to Jeremy Bieber at a photo of his son. “I can’t wait for this next chapter.” The mother of the singer liked on Twitter at seven times the word ’love’.

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