NSJ: many years of work for three days shoot

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For the 43rd time crack later this week, the North Sea Jazz Festival, and this year for the thirteenth time in Rotterdam Ahoy. On 13, 14 and 15 July, there are 150 acts on fifteen stages. The 75,000 cards were also this time in record time; only for the Sunday there are still tickets.

Chaka Khan.

Jan Willem Luyken (49) is for the thirteenth time the director of NSJ. A relatively small basisploeg work there under his guidance for a year also this time again a legendary edition to put down. During the festival itself there are 3500 men in rope. “And then there is the three-day shoot and Mondays is already over.”

Started to do the planning and the bookings previously, just about all in October, now even much earlier. “Now all the bids at the artists for 2019 to the door. We have to be quick, otherwise, they will be elsewhere in the world is booked and we will walk them wrong. The entire market is hugely competitive. Fortunately, the NSJ well respected and know artists and managers that the arranged is fine.”

Sufficient staff

Also a new development is that suppliers (such as venues, toilets, tents, and catering) to be very busy by the numerous festivals in the entire country. Also come that are increasingly difficult to have enough staff, so the building should more time be taken.

Because the consumers of today are more for the (still not very cheap) card will, should the festival continue to refresh. So there will be a new food court, new furnishings, and a daily talk show. Also, the main entrance moved so people faster to go inside. Ahoy has continued over the past year many rooms renovated and air conditioning installed.


In terms of programming, this edition is “very well managed, with the usual mix of styles and genres and for all tastes,” said Luyken. And: “Jazz continues to live. There is a strong new generation of the genre back to new life home. We leave that, of course, also hear.”

Artist-in-residence this year is the 34-year-old Michael League, bassist of the now fixed NSJ-guest jazzfusionband Snarky Puppy. Themes during NSJ include more female directors and the new British jazz generation. The Metropole Orchestra plays all three days, including Gregory Porter and Chaka Khan.

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