No house arrest for Harvey Weinstein

c31c59040a75ca7590b191f929d043a6 - No house arrest for Harvey Weinstein

The statutory rape charges, accused Harvey Weinstein is provisionally not placed under house arrest. The Public Prosecutor succeeded Monday in to with a claim, the 66-year-old filmmagnaat under house arrest, to be put in one of his homes in New York.

Weinstein carries currently an ankle bracelet and stay in his house in Connecticut. To New York or Connecticut to be allowed to leave, he must have admission questions. Weinstein was in may against a bail of a million dollars on free feet come.

During the hearing, it was Weinstein because of a further sexual offence and two of sexual assault sued. Weinstein, who captivated the courtroom was taken, pleaded not guilty. If convicted, risking he in the worst case, a life sentence. The charge now weighs heavier, said public aanklaagster Joan Illuzzi in its claim for the house arrest of judge James Burke.

Weinsteins lawyer Benjamin Brafman said that his client is yet to all of the terms and conditions and the authorities collaborated. “He brings just a visit to my office, an office in Manhattan where he earns his living, and doctor visits in Connecticut,” says Brafman.

In september, it is a following judicial session is scheduled, a date for a possible start of a process is not there yet.

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