Niek van der Bruggen attacked by a jellyfish

219cf0cf0061d120ceb58f0aefbdb4b2 - Niek van der Bruggen attacked by a jellyfish

Niek van der Bruggen during his holiday in Ibiza got in touch with a ’Portuguese man-of-war’. The Veronica-dj ended up in the tentacles of the beast that looks like a jellyfish, during a snorkeltochtje.

“You see that he comes and you can no way”, said Niek Monday in his middagshow on Veronica. “I thought: I swim back, but I was against a coral reef. He grabbed my arm with his tentacles and he has just a piece of gehapt.”

Back on the catamaran picked up the captain, “a giant machete” to get the poison out of his arm cut. “I tried to hold good, because there were all women on board, but it did really hurt,” said Niek. “I have cried, the tears ran down my cheeks.”

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