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Mario Mandzukic over world cup clash with England: “We have no man to fear, but we are also not the favourite”

442271b997f0c98d2b615fdabb450684 - Mario Mandzukic over world cup clash with England: “We have no man to fear, but we are also not the favourite”

The Croatian aanvalsleider Mario Mandzukic has Monday assesses the outlook for the semi-finals of his country, Wednesday, in Moscow, against England. Mandzukic insisted that the Croats, no team to fear. “But we are not favourites against England,” said the Juventusaanvaller. Croatia can, as the smallest country ever to a world cup final reach.


11/07 20:00


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“Croatia has some experienced players, but also good young forces” opened Mandzukic. “We respect every opponent, but always of our own abilities. We believe in ourselves. England deserves to be up here, but we also. We are not tired after the two times 120 minutes and penalties in the previous rounds, against Denmark and Russia. We are going to do everything to the Croatian team of 1998 to surpass, that her semi-finals then lost to France.”

“Everyone in the team is extremely hungry, also won myself, Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic in clubs with many big prizes in Europe”, he continued Mandzukic. “Playing for your national team is always different. It is such a special feeling. We have long been waiting for this moment. We will have our last drop of sweat for that finalist.”

Mandzukic decided with the announcement that the selection injury free. “Everyone is ready for the match against England. No one complains about aches.”

His fellow attacker Andrej Kramaric took just opponent England will be under scrutiny. “The English play a little differently than we are of them just. They play aanvallender and attractive. But we’re in the semi-finals of the world cup. So, it could also be that they are a little more cautious will play Wednesday. Both teams deserve to be in the final four. Hopefully the luck is on our side.”

Turk leads the party

The Turk Cüneyt Cakir leads Wednesday evening (20: 00) in Moscow in the semi-finals at the football world Cup between Croatia and England. That made the FIFA Monday known. Cakir will be assisted by his fellow countrymen Bahattin Duran and Tarik Adverse. The Dutchman Bjorn Kuipers has been appointed as fourth official.

The 41-year-old Cakir led at this world cup, two group matches, between Morocco and Iran (0-1) and between Nigeria and Argentina (1-2).

It is for the Turk and his second world CHAMPIONSHIP. In 2014 in Brazil, he led with Brazil-Mexico and Algeria-Russia and the semi-final between the Netherlands and Argentina three duels.

Cakir was also on Euro 2016 active. When he led the team contest between the Red Devils and the republic of Ireland (3-0).

Tuesday, the Uruguayan Andrés Cunha, in Saint-Petersburg the referee during a France-Belgium, the other semi-final.

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