Jonathan Rhys Meyers arrested in airport

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers got it in the plane so bad to stick with his wife Mara that the police are after him, he was waiting at the airport and arrested him. That reports TMZ.

A quarrel between the two resulted in a huge shouting in which there is a lot of swearing. Other passengers were in shock, reported the entertainmentwebsite.

Jonathan would also be drunk, and go to the toilet to have a e-cigarette. After a request from a flight attendant to stop, he did.

When the plane once it had landed, the police already waiting. The Mission: Impossible III actor was eventually, after a while released.

Jonathan and his wife Mara are going through a difficult time. Last year, their daughter stillborn. In addition to wrestling, he’s already a while with an alcohol addiction and he has, for a number of times in a rehab.

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