Jamie Foxx may not be prosecuted for sexual abuse

30198709beca3fad9f77d51edc051f3f - Jamie Foxx may not be prosecuted for sexual abuse

Fox says that the abuse never occurred

Actor and singer Jamie Foxx will not face charges over an allegation of sexual abuse from 2002, because the period of prescription has elapsed. The police investigated the case after the beginning of June, an allegation was received from a person whose identity has not been released.

The woman told us that they are with a friend at a party that was 16 years ago when Foxx oral sex with her wanted to. When she refused, he would with his penis in her face beaten. It had such an impact on her that she went to a hospital went because of a severe panic attack.

Foxx denies all allegations, but he is not prosecuted because the case is statute-barred, reports He calls the accusation absurd, and the woman to sue for filing a false police report.

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