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French are on their guard: “We need a little adjust for a topploeg as Belgium”

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France is on alert for the Red Devils. Les Bleus fear, especially the counterattacks and the strength of Romelu Lukaku, as appeared from the press conferences from coach Didier Deschamps and Hugo Lloris. “We are prepared for different scenarios.”

The French fear especially the physical strength of Belgium and Romelu Lukaku in particular. ”On the physical plane, we are ready”, says coach Didier Deschamps. “That was in the group stage already need it, that it was in the previous matches of the knock out phase. And that will now also be required.”

Belgian national coach Roberto Martinez surprised with his tactics against Brazil. It Is, therefore, for Didier Deschamps extra hard to in preparation for the race, not knowing how Belgium will do? “It happens more often that you don’t know how the opponent is going to play. But my team is ready for the different scenarios. Belgium the absence of Meunier in different ways solve. Or they are going to play against Brazil? That is possible. The qualities of the Red Devils are in the attacking compartment. But against Brazil has Martinez are centre has been strengthened and the flanks double-occupied. But we should especially pay attention to the Belgian counter-attacks.”

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Hugo Lloris: “The heart of Henry will be divided”

Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris is playing with France against three of his team mates at Tottenham: Toby Alderweireld, Jan Vertonghen and Mousa Dembélé. “It is a match that is on everyone’s minds,” says Hugo Lloris. “We play against a neighbouring country. With many players from the Premier League who know each other. I come three team mates who really are doing a good job. And also Nacer Chadli I know well from his time at Tottenham. It is a fantastic match. We will again a step better need to do to win.”

Hugo Lloris is the only player in the French selection which is still samenspeelde with Thierry Henry, assistant-coach at the Red Devils. “I’ve been lucky enough to have two years together to play with Thierry Henry in the national team. He was a fantastic footballer. Now he sits in Belgium in order to his future trainerscarrière to build. His heart will be divided tomorrow. He has beautiful moments in the shirt of Les Bleus, the French football history. He will of course do anything to his team to help.”

Against Uruguay took Lloris out with a superbelangrijke rescue. Now it will be again a performance from the Tottenham goalkeeper are needed. “Each match has its own story,” says Lloris. “We are, defense is always solid. We are aware that we are now against an offensively strong team will play. We will be solid. The response of the team, not only of the keeper. They have a lot of confidence since their incredible return against Japan. And afterwards, they have the best team of the tournament off. We will have a France at the top level, need to get the Belgians to beat.”

Lloris is aware of the strength of the Red Devils on the counter attack. “Against a big team like Belgium you should always have a little bit of your game to adjust. They can be in two, three passes to the other side of the field. They have players who play the game very quickly can switch. The contest will be decided on details.”

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