Fifth voetballertje saved

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BANGKOK – rescue Workers have in Thailand, a fifth football player on a stretcher out of the cave carried the jeugdvoetbalteam stuck. A witness saw that the boy to an ambulance. That reports Reuters news agency.

The Thai football players sit for weeks. The rescue operation runs at full capacity.

The authorities in Thailand have Monday the operation will resume to the young people and their coach out of the flooded cave. Rescue workers were able to Sunday, all four of the twelve young football players in safety.

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Monday will be the same divers as Sunday used because they the dangerous situation in the cave system by now know. They have more than ten hours of rest to recover from their efforts. Along the route are again cylinders placed.

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The boys and trainer will be divided into four function groups and then by divers to the outside to be brought. The first group consists of four boys, the others from three persons. The trainer will be with the last group to go. Every boy will be accompanied by two divers.

Depending on the weather, the whole operation three to four days. Still there is the fear that heavy rains the cave under water.

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The four boys that Sunday and were rescued, have their family still haven’t seen because of possible risk of infection and checks that they still have to undergo. They are a separate department in the hospital catered for. We are still waiting on test results. According to the hospital it goes to conditions good with them.

Although the authorities the names of the boys have not been released, was one of the first football players that Sunday was delivered supposedly, the 14-year-old Mongkhol Boompiam. The mother of the little boy that had to learn through social media. On official confirmation that her son is safe, they wait still.

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Twelve youth soccer players and their coach were missing on June 23. They were surrounded by water when heavy rainfall parts of the dungeon in the cave blocked. The rescue operation is not without danger. A Thai scuba diver died Friday in the cave system.

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