Eyes focused on Trump during NATO summit

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BRUSSELS – The eyes will be this week at the NATO summit are mainly aimed at Donald Trump. The expectation is that the U.s. president Wednesday, the heads of government of the member states, which in his eyes is still not enough spending on defence again firmly the lesson is read in the new headquarters in Brussels.

Donald Trump

On Twitter he gave Monday already have a shot across the bow: “It is unfair and unacceptable that the US has much more money to NATO than other countries. Although their contributions have increased, they have to do a lot more.”

In letters to, among others, prime minister Rutte and chancellor angela Merkel gave to Trump last month showed his impatience and frustration. Implicitly threatened him with consequences for the American military presence in Europe.

Article 5

With voltage is seen or the odd Trump this time, however, article 5 of the NATO treaty calls it. That stipulates that an attack on one ally is considered an attack on all. Last year he left on a slotted top not that security umbrella to ratify. Whether or not the declaration will support remains to be seen.

Trumps meeting with the Russian president vladimir Putin on July 16, feeds the fear that he is the relations with Moscow, which wants to mention. According to the U.s. ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison will be Russia’s “malicious” attempts by the alliance to distribute not succeed. “NATO is strong and united.” The Dutch government sees the summit as a good opportunity to “send a powerful message of unity”.

Preparedness of armed forces

The 29 leaders will have some decisions to ratify that the military response capacity of the alliance should accelerate. Thus, the preparedness of the armed forces about two years has increased. The member states will provide assurances to troops faster to move by Europe, a project in which the Netherlands is a front runner.

The green light will also include the modernisation of the command structure, creating two new logistics headquarters in the USA and Germany.

Expanding NATO’s training missions

Other topics on the agenda are the expansion of NATO’s training missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. The netherlands will formally announce the coming of the sixties marines and commands to will deliver in addition to the current one hundred troops in Afghanistan. The financial contribution will be extended until 2024.

The meeting will be accompanied with major security measures, also in the European district of Brussels, where the leaders Wednesday night in a museum dining, with Russia as an important topic of discussion.

Rutte, Block and Bijleveld

The netherlands is at the top represented by prime minister Rutte and the ministers Block (Foreign Affairs) and Bijleveld (Defence).

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