Ex-driver, Trump, drag boss to court

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NEW YORK – The former driver of Donald Trump drag his ex-boss to court because never paid past due overtime. The man, Noel Cintron, the case against Trump Corporation instituted in a court in Manhattan. He claims that he has more than twenty years for the current US president has worked.

Donald Trump

According to the American website TMZ goes up to 3300 hours of overtime from 2010 to 2016. That adds up to 178.000 dollar (over 151,000 did euros). He can claim no longer go back in time because of the limitation period.

The driver was during his time there quite a few times, a small storage, but would be in exchange for the contribution to his health insurance in 2010, must sacrifice, is evident from the procesdossier in the hands of TMZ.

Every day, early on

Cintron says that he is every day at seven o’clock in the morning ready to for Trump, his family members or business partners, until he was no longer needed. He often worked 55 hours per week, but received a fixed income per year of 62.700 dollar in 2003, 68.000 dollar in 2006 and $ 75,000 in 2010. By the removal of his respective country in 2010 at the height of over 17,000 dollars went Cintron according to own say on backwards.

“President Trumps harshness and greed is also apparent from the fact that he is apparently a billionaire, but his driver for twelve years no storage of significance has been given,” said Cintron.

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