Erdogan explains oath as Turkish president, and now has omnipotence

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Two weeks after the president – and parliamentary elections in Turkey, the old and new president Recep Tayyip Erdogan his oath of office taken. Erdogan, that the history of Turkey for almost sixteen years, is now not only head of state, but also the leader of the government.

The taking of an oath in the parliament in Ankara Monday afternoon, and sealed the reform of the state in a presidential system. Erdogan had for years, going worked.

During a short ceremony, swore to Erdogan that he is loyal and will be compared to the rule of law, the democratic and secular republic will protect it and its function impartially, to exercise. He will not deviate from ” the ideal that everyone in the country of fundamental freedoms and human rights can enjoy’.

Monday night yet he wants his new cabinet at a press conference proposals, for which he has the consent of the parliament is now no longer needed.

Maduro, Orban and Medvedev

Previously taking around 10,000 guests participated in a pompous ceremony in the presidential palace. According to a law-abiding media was 22 presidents and 28 prime ministers were invited to a festive dinner. The Kremlin confirmed the arrival of the Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev.

On the guest list would also include the names of fame of representatives of the EU and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the Pakistani president Mamnoon Hussain, the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, and the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban.

From mayor to president

The swearing-in as president at the head of a new presidential system is the culmination of a career, that Erdogan is not in the cradle was laid. He was born in 1954 in the Istanbul district Kasimpasa and had as a child on the street, bagels sell for his family to support.

Political merits he earned in 1994 as mayor of Istanbul. Later he was three times prime minister. Since being in office according to the statute of the AKP is no fourth time was allowed to do, he let himself in 2014 as president elect. In april 2017, the Turks in a controversial referendum for the transition to a presidential system. On June 24, won Erdogan’s presidential election with 52.6 percent.


So far nothing has Erdogan stopped, a bloody couppoging in July 2016. Shortly after he issued the emergency rule, which he is tens of thousands of political opponents and critics had to lay off or close. On Sunday were re-18.000 officials by decree, dismissed.

One of the reasons, and why many are not easy to feel about his new omnipotence. Also, according to the West is Erdogan really has changed. In 2004 he was appointed as prime minister even to the ” European of the Year’ were elected. The former German bondskandelier Gerhar Schröder praised Erdogan for his ” efforts for more freedom, for a better protection of the human rights and less paternalism from the government’. According to the critics, is Erdogan today just now against all these values are known. The opposition warns of the ‘rule of one man. One of Erdogans verkiezingslogans was: ‘A large Turkey has a strong leader is needed’.

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