Dancing as a protest against the arrest of Iranian teen

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Iranian young people to share massive video clips of themselves in which they dance, as support for an Iranian teenager who for the same reason, was arrested.

The 19-year-old Maedeh Hojabri dances like, and share those videos with her thousands of followers on social media on various accounts. The films were recorded at her home in Tehran. Usually she wears no headscarf, even though it is in Iran mandatory for women in public appear. In addition, the women in Iran do not dance in the presence of men who are not close relatives of them.

The Iranian government is not a fan of the dansfilmpjes: the teenager was on Friday arrested for a violation of public chastity. The state broadcaster sent Friday to her forced confession. “I didn’t do it to attract attention. I have these videos made for my followers, but wanted to encourage them to do the same, ” says Hojabri, whose face was geblurd.

Hojabri would not, incidentally, the only dancer that over the last few weeks was arrested. The arrests provoke a lot of protest on social media will be the dansfilmpjes of Hojabri massively shared to support her. Many young people also make videos in which they dance, accompanied by the hashtag #dancing_isn’t_a_crime.

‘If everyone in the world says here that teenage girls are arrested because they are happy and dancing, and be accused of spreading onzedelijkheden, while child molesters and others to roam free, they will burst out laughing. It is simply not to believe’, writes blogger and activist Hossein Ronaghi.

Not the first time

Last summer, six Iranian teenagers arrested because they have some ‘western’ dance were taught, including zumba. In 2014 were also three boys and three girls were arrested because they Pharrel Williams’ mega-hit ‘Happy’ had geplaybackt and the video had spread through Youtube. They were sentenced to a prison sentence of one year and ninety lashes.

It is feared that the authorities Instagram in the near future will prohibit. The content of Facebook and Twitter is, for example, is already heavily filtered.


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