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Cheaters abuse the popularity of Kim Dotcom

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Currently cyber criminals are trying to earn money with the popularity of Kim Dotcom’s money. Allegedly, the German Internet entrepreneur wants to give away 10,000 of ETH to the Community. This is a must-but previously 0.5 to 10 ETH to the offender “to the identification” of one’s own Wallet address. It is a fraud attempt.

Several things are talking at the moment, the popularity of the Kiel Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom (formerly Kim Schmitz). Dotcom has gathered over 732.000 Followers on Twitter and currencies for its affinity for Bitcoin and other Crypto known. k. in, to be a scheduled Content monetization services in connection with a share hosting service, want to pay off currencies the holder of a right by a plurality of Crypto.

Scammers attempt of the media to exploit the presence

He was also these days in the media, because the court of appeal has decided in Wellington, new Zealand, on its extradition in the USA. He should call the highest judicial body in new Zealand would threaten him soon in the case of a conviction in the United States for up to 20 years in prison. The hearing before the Supreme court will delay the matter but probably still about a year.

The P2P-news portal TorrentFreak now reports about scammers who want to lead their victims using a fake Twitter account, Dotcom duped. Since the Name and the profile picture is exactly the same, you have to pay more attention to the user names on Twitter, to the fraud. Wrong Kim Dotcom advertises that he wants to give away 10,000 of Ethereum. This is a special offer for its Fans. Other no less false Accounts reports from the receipt of the Coins on your account. However, the cyber criminals demand for the identification of the address of the transmission of one-half to ten-ETH. At a value of about 400 Euro per ETH things coming together.

Whoever looks closer, sees instantly that the Username @tuwuselugyb instead of @kimdotcom. This false Account has blocked Twitter in the meantime. Also, the page at has now been deleted to prevent further cases of fraud. If you look around, but in the case of Twitter, discovered in a timely manner persons, due to their gullibility and lack of control of the correct address to cheat. The other Fake Account has behind the user name only e. @kimdotcome you have not deleted yet. Also, the associated blog entry is the Russian provider Yandex has not removed yet. The danger is not so banned.

No one has anything to give away, Kim Dotcom!

The incorrect Dotcom wants to cheer his Fans, allegedly, something to cheer. Just for the Hodler the last few months were not easy, write to the scammers. Of course, it returns all of the ETH, unless you have distributed the gifts, it says in the Tweets. Anyone who falls in, but is in for a shock. Unfortunately, there are always enough Gullible, to fall to such cheap Tricks in and be brought instead of rich to be to your Savings. No one has anything to give away. Those who believe in it, at least after an experience richer.

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