Brussels fears British delay

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BRUSSELS – Fascinated, but also gradually concerned about the stability of prime minister Mays cabinet. From Brussels, with increasing amazement at the latest developments in London looked.

In Brussels was Davis (r) are known as lazy and not interested in the details, in contrast to his opponent Barnier (l).

“We’ll see who the British to the negotiating table”, says a diplomat Monday morning as the news has penetrated that Brexit-minister Davis is left out of dissatisfaction over the direction of the British government.

It is a public secret in Brussels that Davis doesn’t really have anyone of the large. He was known as lazy and someone who is not keen to keep up with details. As he negotiated this year is only four hours in Brussels.

Authority May

That also oer-Brexiteer Johnson later in the day decided his rushes to grasp, led in Brussels to growing concerns about the authority of May.

Johnson, who is an important voice in the pro-Brexitkamp, was not popular in the EU capital, but the question is now or May her cabinet still knows how to struts. Time is running out. There actually had been a political agreement, but this is deferred to October. There must be before the end of the year a deal, because parliaments have also the time needed for approval. On 29 march next year, leaving the British irrevocably submit to the Union.

Or isn’t it? President of the European Council Tusk took an advance on the reversal of the Brexit decision. Something that is politically infeasible seems, to leave now two prominent Brexiteers.

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