British opposition leader Corbyn denounces Brexitbeleid May

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LONDON – British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn accuses prime minister Theresa May that she and her policies for the Brexit there will be a huge mess. Corbyn said that May is already too long for more time with negotiations between the quarrelling party members, than with serving the economy of the country.

Jeremy Corbyn

He asked in the parliament how a prime minister who no Brexitakkoord can achieve in its own cabinet, an agreement with the EU, can close. Corbyn, the left-wing leader of the Labour, is not itself an opponent of the departure from the European Union. He complained that this government is no good Brexitdeal can close.

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May collected last Friday, her cabinet around it to the noses in the same direction to get a ’soft Brexit’. That seemed Friday to have been successful, but since then, three ministers left because they its plan for a Brexit ’only in name’ but it’s unacceptable.

The minister of Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson is Monday, left. He is the figurehead of the Conservative supporters of Brexit.

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