British Brexit-minister David Davis resigns

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The British minister David Davis, who was responsible for the negotiations about the Brexit between Great Britain and the European Union, has resigned. He did not agree with the proposals from Theresa May, who he ‘soft’ thought.

First minister Theresa May thanked Davis ‘warm’ in a letter Sunday night and praised him for his contribution to ‘the most important legislation for generations. Davis, in turn, said in a letter to May that ‘the national interest, a Brexit-the minister has a need for powerful, believe in your approach, and not just a reluctant conscript’.

May reached only a few days ago an agreement within the British government about the Brexit strategy of the country. A lot of Brexit hardliners would the new plan consider to be the specify of a withdrawal from the European Union.

Hard Brexit

May held with its government Friday, a marathon session of twelve hours in Chequers, the country estate of the British prime minister, to the northwest of London. The ministers had to leave during the closed meeting even their smartphones to give. in the Evening said in May that the government is an agreement about a new Brexit plan. The agreement came, however, only under great pressure.

Davis is a fierce advocate of a clear break with Brussels. In his letter shows he is thus particularly critical for the new strategy of May. In the past, and threatened with dismissal if May to close ties with Brussels would pursue. Great Britain leaves the European Union on 29 march 2019.

For May is the dismissal of Davis a heavy blow. They must now take into account more opposition from the Brexit-wing of her party. It was going to be over sixty members of parliament. If other members of the government are Davis’ example to follow, is that her in close shoes.

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