Brexit-minister David Davis get on

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LONDON – The British minister of Brexitzaken David Davis and his assistant Steve Baker have their resignation, submitted to prime minister Theresa May. Davis has his job because of the rising tensions and major disagreements within the cabinet about the brexit strategy.

Within the British Conservatives, is a fierce richtingenstrijd going on about the strategy to follow. A wing of the party led by the minister of Foreign Affairs, Boris Johnson, to which Davis belongs to, wants to completely separate from the European Union without chords, while May for a softer variant to choose.

Friday came, the cabinet agreed to a softer brexitstrategie to follow and it seemed that the ranks closed.

In his letter of resignation to May writes Davis that the Friday agreement reached in the government,my position as brexit-negotiator undermines” he is Also afraid that , not the government, but the parliament is going to determine how the brexit will happen”. He also says to fear that the bargaining power of Great Britain against the EU,is weak.”

May has in a reaction to the departure of Davis said that they have it, but unfortunately,” that Davis leave. She does not agree with the arguments that he puts forward. ,,We had cabinet the current position to proceed with detailed negotiations on a departure of Britain from the EU,” said May.

According to the prime minister is the kabinetsakkoord of last Friday ,,to be consistent with the outcome of the will of the British voters and in accordance with the partijstandpunt about brexit from the Conservatives.” May had in the newspaper The Times after the chord has a warning for her minister of Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson, with whom they regularly disagree about the strategy: ,,As he tries the British point of view to undermine he is fired.”

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