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Atomium finally has an official address

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At the foot of the Atomium is the Brussels aldermen Geoffroy Coomans (MR), Els Ampe (Open VLD) and Karine Lalieux (PS), the new Atomiumplein inaugurated. The iconic Belgian building will be the number 1 and so after sixty years, an official address.

Yet there was the square de l’atomium seen as the address of the Atomium, but that square is located in the Trade Mart, and constitutes the address of that complex.

The lack of an address for the Atomium came to light when director Henri Simons noted that the post is sometimes not arrived and the address is not belonging to the Atomium.

“We are proud and honored that we are the most well-known and emblematic Belgian symbol finally, an address can give a’ ships of town planning Geoffroy Coomans.

The Atomium will be the number 1 on her mailbox. The number 2 is for The bvba Belgium Taste of the restaurant in the Atomium. The Atomiumplein is as a supplement to the Atomiumlaan and the square de l’atomium.

It was even suggested to the new square to mention to André Waterkeyn, the designer of the Atomium. That idea was discouraged by the toponymische department of the city of Brussels, because it is unusual to have a street or square to mention to someone who is not yet fifty years dead.

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