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Arctic Monkeys: Elvis and apenstreken

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In Four out of five were Alex Turner and his followers equally with eight men on the stage.

And all there was after the opening number is usually one or two extra male addition to the group, that was to swallow. There are at Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino, the last picture of the four (in our heads anyway) so many buttons and layers, that additional staff was needed.

That new plate does not always work live. In the best case, there was the melodic sadness of the title song. in worst a adhd song like ‘She looks like fun ” with a line of music, a drum solo, again melody but other than the first, and so on. The bombast of ‘Pretty visitors’ was also a scare.

And because that extra musicians are also in the old songs is not with their thumbs want to sit to run, a band sometimes songs improve that no extra decoration needed. Was that a steel drum that we heard in ‘Why d’you only call me when you’re high, Turner? There is always room for more pendant-nestingbox, but steel drum: no. Even if he’s from the keyboards.

Turner, witness the Elvis glasses and the matching hairstyle still in the Las Vegas trip that he and his nevenproject Last Shadow Puppets has begun. In his head he is a what expired crooner. He played that as well, sometimes to the confusion of the audience: he was well are of text at the end of ‘One point perspective’? Well, no: the last line is ‘I’ve lost my train of thought.

Beautiful version by the way, of ‘One point perspective’: with a cold guitar and lush strings, it seemed to me a soundtrack of a sixties movie, one with a blonde actress that a lot of smoke and look out the window.

It is a pity for the Monkeys, but the concert went really gear up if they material of the previous boards played. ‘Knee socks’ (with witty falsetten Turner and drummer Matt Helders), ‘Do I wanna know’, ‘Arabella’, or even the everlasting ‘I bet you look good on the dancefloor’ from the first album: they are of course longer in the collective memory, but they worked better live.

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