Anticorruptiechef Romania dismissed

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BUCHAREST – Romanian president Klaus Iohannis, the head of the department of anti-corruption (DNA) from her office. Iohannis had earlier refused DNA-chef Laura Kövesi to dismiss, but was meantime by the constitutional court.

Klaus Iohannis

The DNA continued under the leadership of Kövesi many prominent Romanians, among whom politicians and directors of government agencies. The social democratic government demanded her resignation because, among other reasons Kövesi her book to the outside would be gone and the image of the country would be detrimental. That led to a collision between the cabinet and president Iohannis.

The government stepped eventually with success to the highest court to the departure of Kövesi to enforce. Iohannis made Monday known to respond to the ruling. ,,The president has a decree that allows the chief prosecutor of her post has been removed”, said the spokeswoman of the president.

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