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Altcoin-market analysis KW28 – continuation of the price increases

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The total market capitalization has increased to 232 billion Euro. All crypto-currencies in the Top 10 of the course were able to record profits. While Ethereum could increase nearly eight per cent at the highest. In addition, the recent Rally made sure that NEO is again nearing the Top 10.

Name Price in Euro Market capitalization in billion Euro Change of course within the week, in percent Course evaluation Support in Euro Resistance in Euro
Bitcoin 5.467,33 93,64 3,15 neutral 5.371,46 Had 5,488,00
Ethereum 387,85 38,95 -0,76 neutral 350,93 390,88
XRP 0,39 15,41 -4,75 neutral 0,39 0,41
Bitcoin Cash 630,58 10,86 -2,10 rather bearish 599,30 645,90
EOS 6,87 6,16 0,00 neutral 6,28 6,99
Litecoin 68,50 3,92 -1,31 rather bearish 66,66 69,48
Cardano 0,12 3,15 7,33 bullish 0,11 0,13
Stellar 0,17 3,13 1,18 more bullish 0,16 0,18
IOTA 0,90 2,51 6,24 bullish 0,85 0,93
Tether 0,86 2,32 -0,16

Shows the price development of ten crypto-currencies with highest market capitalization, which is expressed in billion euros. For crypto-currencies, which are not currently directly in Euro exchangeable, the respective trading pair with the US Dollar as a Basis and converted into Euro.

The rest of this week continues! Slowly even a sober skeptics such as the writer of these lines can understand the Talking of a Bull Run. Nevertheless, it remains the case that Only after a sustainable Bitcoins Rise above the moving MA20 average chart in the Week, one can speak of a bull market. And Bitcoin needs to rise above 6,500 euros.

Of course, nevertheless, profits can be achieved and you can cheer about this week, reached the stage wins. All crypto-currencies of the Top 10 are increased and can produce a gain of an average of four percent. The volume of trade is also increased.

The market capitalisation could rise in addition, in the last week of 220 billion euros to 232 billion Euro.

The market situation has developed since the last week positively. Accordingly, we may be able to sense to set Stop Losses – for which the indicated in the table Support used to be – Long Positions open.

Best price development: Ethereum (ETH)

Since the end of June, the Ethereum course was able to follow a consistent upward trend. Although the exponential moving also found here at the end of EMA100 is mean first, a stable Resistance, however, could on 7. July be overcome.

The MACD is positive but falling, the MACD line (blue) Signal (orange). The RSI is at 54. Overall, a bullishes image, therefore, results. If you have a Long Position selects, would be a suitable Stop Loss at the height of the Support at 396,01 Euro and a first Target at the Resistance, the through the Plateau by mid-June, defined, and approximately 427 Euro. A second Target for about 440 Euro, so at the height of the Double Tops between the 18. 22. June. Should the share price fall below the Support, you could think about a Short Position with a tight Stop Loss at the level of the EMA50. The EMA50 is currently exactly 400 euros. A first Target would be at the height of the plateau from the beginning of July at 385 euros.

Worst course development: Cardano (ADA)

On the one hand, Cardano was able to rate the exponential moving overcome average EMA100, but fell back at the end of last week temporarily below the EMA50. The price managed to recover, however, the EMA100 is an insurmountable Resistance. In the meantime, of course, is dancing again to the EMA50, which is only slightly below the EMA100.

The negative, MACD isunder the Signal (orange) – falling MACD line (blue) and of the 47 underlying RSI , make for a rather lot of bids due soon image. Bold can still be a Long Position with just a set Stop Loss at the level of Support at $ 0.14 and a Target at the Resistance in the amount of 0.16 US dollars. The course covered Loss under the above-mentioned Stop, we could take a Short Position in the Target at the Minimum of the end of June, is about 0.11 US-Dollar and Stop Loss is at the height of the EMA50, currently at $ 0.14.

Stability of the Top 10

The distance between the Tether and the NEO is only five percent. Thus, TRON climbs back into the Top 10, it would have to reach this crypto-currency, a Plus of eight percent. Overall, the distances between the Market capitalisation of the Top 10 occurring crypto currencies are, mostly, beyond the ten percent. Only between Stellar and Cardano only “six percent”. Dramatic Flippenings so expect less.

Winners and losers in the course of fall

On average, all Crypto are jumped by five percent. Thus, all the crypto in the section currencies as well as Bitcoin performs. For the Top 100, the Situation is similar: These are, on average, risen by eight per cent.

Within the Top 100, 73 crypto could have currencies with positive rate developments. This Bitcoin Diamond, it is mainly with a value doubling and Digibyte, with an increase of 70 percent. Bitcoin Diamond has lost during the writing of these lines, however, a large part of the week’s profits, while Digibyte certainly benefits from the Integration in UTrust. The rise of NEO fades against these Figures, however, the efforts to decentralize have been able to bring the cryptocurrency back close to the Top 10. Loser of the week Tezos. Hardly listed this crypto-asset lost half its value – which is surely linked to the tangled story of the Tezos-ICO.

A total of 59 percent of the crypto-currencies within the Top 100 with a worse Performance than Bitcoin. The market share of Bitcoin remained, accordingly, at 42 percent.

Disclaimer: The presented on this page, rate estimates do not constitute buy or sell recommendations. They are merely an assessment of the analysts.

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