Actors of Family say goodbye

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Some have past week to say goodbye but Monday start for the rest of the cast of Family the last opnameweek of Family Units. The second week of the month of July is not only the last week before the big holiday, it is effective also the of all of all last week that Family Units will be included. But less than 27 years along were the scenes of the soap in Boortmeerbeek included. The connection with Goods was so great that the vein to the studio’s own street name. In 2011, if mayor Michel Baert, together with a part of the cast in a side street of the bering strait omdopen to Familielaan. But later this month will be Family so definitively disappear from Boortmeerbeek. From the middle of August, will be rotated in the AED Studios in Lint. There was the past month working to a part of the infrastructure. Last month, there were already some sets that for the time being no longer used would be moved to the new location, but there is still a lot of work, a lot of work itself. From July 14 to start the big move and need a pack of trucks all the material of Family to the Ribbon moving. It is not only for decors but also make-up, clothing, props, dressing rooms, offices and much more. We can at least have something to say: not all sets will have the moving experience and there is a good reason for that. What the reason exactly is, that, however, we can still not write it, but there is a drama play in the 28th season of Family that next month start.

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