Vedder compares Trump with Charles Manson

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On the third day of the Belgian festival Rock Werchter was president Donald Trump, a lot of along of the the American artists. Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder likened Trump even with serial killer Charles Manson.

Eddie Vedder

It started with Jack White that his song Icky Thump dedicated to Trump. “Americans, why don’t you knock yourself out? You’re an immigrant too”, he sang. When Vedder an hour and a half later, the stage climbed, he took it a step further. “We also have a song for him, although I don’t like him too much attention,” said Eddie before he the number Habit began.

“I’m going to not let him win, this is but a brief moment in history”, he continued Vedder. A short time later drew a 53-year-old rocker even a comparison between Trump and the infamous cult leader and murderer Charles Manson. Already, he found that, in retrospect, still too much honor. “Did Charles Manson on the end is not the way to Jesus?”

“I don’t want to be angry, I would love to promote, love is the greatest power,” said Vedder finally before he Jack Johnson on stage cried. Together they sang Imagine by John Lennon. “Donald keeps talking about how big his audience is, as if it was the size of something else from him must be wrong, but this here is really a large mass of people who live in harmony.”

Rock Werchter is Sunday, shut down by Nick Cave and the Arctic Monkeys.

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