USA: ‘Sanctions against North Korea to complete denuclearisering’

d3ea81a21ba1544018bc418f96949e5d - USA: ‘Sanctions against North Korea to complete denuclearisering’

To the ” complete and verifiable’ kernontwapening of North Korea has occurred, the sanctions against the country remain in force. That has the American minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo

Pompeo has created clarity in Tokyo, where he and his Japanese and South Korean ambstgenoten Taro Kono and Kang Kyung-wha met.

Pompeo, who is a two-day visit to Pyongyang, stressed the importance of monitoring the process of nuclear disarmament. The foreign minister has a ‘denuclearisering in the broad sense’ that all kinds of weapons includes.

“The North Koreans understand that and that is not challenged’, it sounds. “President Donald Trump, and I believe that these efforts are for the peace effort, and wages.’

The U.s. top diplomat, however, during his press conference the confrontational language. However, accused North Korea of him Saturday, its ‘gangster’methods to apply to the negotiations on nuclear disarmament, after Pompeo the two-day talks just before yourself yet ‘very productive’ had been mentioned.

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