The wacky world of the Black Cross

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A bizarre mix of music, theatre, motocross, stunts, and humor. “A crazy world full of apartigheid.” So afficheert the Farm festival the Black Cross. From Thursday to Sunday will be between 220,000 paid paid visitors are expected at the sold-out festival site ’De Schans in Lichtenvoorde.

The name Black Cross is derived from illegal crosswedstrijden a few decades ago, were organized in the province of Overijssel, Gelderland and Noord-Brabant. Motorcrossers in the pub opschepten about their performance were challenged to show what they could on a ’black cross’.

The first edition of the Zwarte Cross in de Achterhoek found in 1997, place on a meadow near Hummelo. Some of ’chicken’, it was mainly. There were one hundred and fifty riders where a thousand men on came. After played the Back band Jovink & The Voederbietels.

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The Black Cross now is another story. More than 250 bands and a thousand theaterartiesten at 33 different venues. Who is still staying on the campsite where there’s space for 25,000 guests. The row of artists is varied. By Pé Daalemmer & Rooie Rinus, Høken with the Heinoos and Sexboerderij The Golden Calf to The Dike, Triggerfinger and Gogol Bordello.

In addition to music and theatre is still there on bikes. To do this, the organization Malcolm “Mookie” Stewart learn to play a hero in crosskringen. “Mookie is a dark guy with long dreadlocks who kanonhard may crosses, the ultimate Black Crosser!”, says Hendrik Jan Lovink co-founder of the Feestfabriek AKG, the organization of the Black Cross.


Each edition has something very special. So walked in 450 naked people in 2013, a high-speed protest: The Naked Run for Freedom. This time bring 65,000 visitors on Friday, a massive eresaluut of a minute to the life during the so-called Levendenherdenking, organized in collaboration with Amnesty International.

The visitors of the most noisy festival of the Netherlands is asked to 50 seconds of quiet, followed by 10 seconds of loud cheers. “We want to make a positive and playful way to draw attention to the freedom since this is not self-evident.”

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