The Pauperparadijs in première in Carré

ede4201440d944ffaa5febf56d2a03d9 - The Pauperparadijs in première in Carré

In the Carré theatre in Amsterdam Sunday afternoon the presentation of The Pauperparadijs in premiere. The presentation of Tom de Ket, based on the eponymous bestseller by Suzanna Jansen, played the past two years in Veenhuizen.

Tom de Ket

The Pauperparadijs up to and including 5 August to show in Carré. This is the piece, especially the decor, to be substantially adjusted. The story is about the Amsterdam paupers, who, at the beginning of the 19th century to the armengestichten in the province of Drenthe were sent. One of them is the Amsterdam orphan boy Teunis. He is in love with bewakersdochter Cato. Their love is not accepted, which they try to flee.

During the premiere play Dragan Bakema, Steyn de Leeuwe, Margreet Boershoek and Rosa da Silva in the lead roles.

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