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The John McAfee Story: How through Paranoia of the millionaire

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John McAfee predicted that the price of Bitcoin will be in the year 2020, one Million U.S. dollars. On Twitter, he railed incessantly against HitBTC and does not stop even in the hospital, to apply the selected ICOs. But who is he, this self-proclaimed “God of Cybersecurity”? A small glimpse into the miraculous life of John McAfee: How through Paranoia of the millionaire.

In 1987, shortly after the supposedly first computer virus “Brain” was widely used, drove a self-proclaimed “Computer doctor” in a caravan through the United States. He repaired infected PCs, his company was called “McAfee Anti-Virus Paramedic Unit”. On demand, you could order the Computer paramedics and on top of that install a program – it’s called VirusScan. The man driving the caravan and for the safety of the people cared, once said:

“You can’t trust anyone. This has nothing to do with cynicism. I trust that people are people and selfish act. When you understand this, you can use it.“

And the fact John McAfee in all kinds of variations. Even before he was propelled Computer doctor, he earned his money with a false magazine subscriptions. After that, he applied for a job with fake certificates at the Missouri Pacific Railroad. There he was then, for the optimization of train lines responsible. And experimented, by the way – less successfully – with LSD, and DMT. For So long, until he had to flee:

“The people asked him questions, but he did not understand what you said. The Computer spat out a train timetable without end, for him it made no sense. He ended behind a Skip in Downtown St. Louis, heard voices, and hoped that nobody looks at. He never went back to Missouri Pacific. A part of him thinks that he is still on this Trip. Everything since then has been a huge hallucination, and he wakes up one day. Still on his Couch in St. Louis with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon in the ear.“

Paranoia of the millionaire

It is the bare delusions of persecution, which drove him from St. Louis to Silicon Valley. However, the distrust, the turned at some point in Paranoia, was anchored in McAfee deep. For the parents lacked the young trust John: His father was an alcoholic who took his own life when John was 15 years old – a Story, the McAfee again and again. His distrust was, but also gave him wealth because of the Computer Revolution in the ‘ 80s, the virus came from. And also McAfee’s success. The anti-virus program that he is supposed to have according to their own statements, in 1.5 hours, made him a millionaire. The associated company he shall have it, for 100 million US Dollar sold. In an Interview with ABC News, he said that the US $ 100 million were to be an understatement:

“How much have you earned?” – “Much more.” – “What did you do with the money?” “I’ve wasted it. So how everybody is doing.“

How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus

Watch this Video on YouTube.

Nine of the houses he has built with the money, works of art filled, a Park of antique cars drove amassed and as a “New Age Guru” is a Yoga Retreat in Colorado. In the Wake of the financial crisis, he should have, however, lost a majority of its assets.

The escape to Belize

Then he moved to Belize – a country in Central America, is known for the fact that crimes are rarely investigated, if ever. Everything is told in the Netflix production “Gringo”, right McAfee’s turbulent life has been there still. Officially, he built a laboratory, to a natural antibiotic. Unofficially, the picture is very much darker, the “Gringo” from him. A Crystal Meth kitchen, he is said to have operated and Hitmen employed, in order to protect them. The micro-biologist, who was employed for a short time, he is said to have raped. On top of that, he should still be for the death of his neighbors are responsible. Because this is supposed to have poisoned his dogs.

As he was later in a police control (because he drove under the visible influence of Xanax car), he said:

“I’m the guy that was indicted in Belize for murder. Then I ran off to Guatemala and to America fled from, where I lived for three years. The FBI is looking for me. […] I’m something like the God of Cybersecurity.“

This paranoid God of Cybersecurity was in June of 2018 for some time in the hospital. Apparently, it was perpetrated on him, a poison attack, his opponents were but “incompetent”:

From Security-God for US President?

This opportunity McAfee used immediately to apply to his current project – only thanks to Docademic he would have received timely medical care. However, this is not the only project with which the God of Cybersecurity deals at the moment. With crypto slate he’s fighting for a better world, and to have the safest Wallet in the world developed. Also, John McAfee has its own Fiat currency. On top of that, he wants to be in the year 2020, the President of the United States of America. Until then, the Bitcoin should be on-course at 1,000,000 dollars. Otherwise, the first order of business as President will be rather unappetizing.

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