Thai football players disappeared two weeks ago: what happened?

3adae55199fa91e059d0bcfeb3c628f1 - Thai football players disappeared two weeks ago: what happened?

BANGKOK – The search and rescue mission to the Thai football players and their coach back to civilization to get is Sunday in full swing. Now they sit sixteen days in the Tham Luang cave, in the northern province of Chiang Rai. Sunday afternoon saw the first two boys of the group, according to Thai media for the first time in the daylight. In the meantime, there would be all four boys to be freed.

23 June: The jeugdvoetbalteam disappears during a visit to the caves. Their bikes are outside in the caves found. The weather is good but if they are in the cave close to the rising water they are in.

2 July: There will be detected where they are located, approximately four kilometres from the entrance. Now they sit nine days without fresh water and food. They appear to be all of the thirteen still living. The fear is great that the group is still months stuck and have to wait till after the rainy season.

July 4: The Thai office of tourism wants the cave in which twelve young football players and their coach are stuck going to develop into a tourist attraction. Now get the little boys, who can barely swim, so diving course. Numerous pumps try the grotgangen empty.

5 July: A Chilean miner who ever 69 days was stuck in a my cross, the boys and their parents on Twitter is a heart under the belt.

July 6: Many people think about how the football players to the rescue. Billionaire Elon Musk wants them by an air-filled tube to the output. Wereldvoetbalbond FIFA wants to invite them for a visit to the world cup in Russia.

July 6: A diver comes to life when he is outside of consciousness becomes the place of oxygen masks along the potential escape route. That is a downer for all the rescue workers.

7 July: The boys send letters to their family and the 25-year-old coach offers his apologies towards the families of the boys.

July 8: the area around the entrance is cleared so that the rescue operation can begin. Media must leave.

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