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Roméo Elvis?: Here is the feesje!

Roméo Elvis?: Here is the feesje!

Roméo Elvis

“Where is the feesje?’ wild Roméo Elvis know in Klub C. Rhetorical question, but a good one. And then he had to compete with Nick Cave on his black magic began on the main stage.

“My moedertalig is French, but vaandag I am a beejtje Flamand. And Belgian”, he said. After his great performance tours in France you will need the Brussels hiphopkoning not tell you how to get an audience with the neck skin must grab. ‘How’s it going Werchter, vous êtes chaud?’ Yes, hear, Roméo, très chaud.

He drogeerde the tent immediately with the slow rapflow of ‘Jaloux’, a song which Le Motel with one of his dark ratelritmes if basting. A second accomplice, the Dutchman Lennard Vink, depth the sound further with additional electronics and perussie. The audience sang right along.

No, Roméo Elvis is no longer the splinterbom of his earlier shows. The many revolutions has more sophistication and balance. But by the contribution of Finch on percussion and electronics got klankwizard Le Motel more space to be inventive metropolitan soundminiatuurtjes to showcase. There was the profit.

Highlights soon followed, with ‘Bébé aime la drogue ” and ” Drôle de question’, which the rapper the guitar, he girt his fisher. That sister Angèle, the intimate ‘J’ai vu’ live could sing, wasn’t even sad. Roméo Elvis threw his Red Devils shirt for ” Ma tête’, his battle with tinnitus. The sweet oewoehoes of a sampled dameskoor verzachtten in pain as he hits the canvas smakte. Topsong, top moment.

Just as the devilish ‘Sabena’, which are wiry torso was caught in hard beams of light. And then droned ‘Tu vas glisser’ the tent out of its rivets.

‘Yesterday I was in France, they are fokking scared of us right now’, said he was still always cheerful. Cross, immediately at the foot, the flame within.

The concert was again in the sign of solidarity. The Brussels danced with the tricolor in the front stage during ‘Bruxelles arrive’, that the last head butt of the evening gave them. When, after a short ‘Nappeux’ to the outside walked, whistled in our ears even after. But this torment and I wanted to endure.

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