Rescue Thai football players in full swing

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BANGKOK – UPDATE 12:01 PM * The rescue operation for the twelve Thai football players and their trainer to rescue from a flooded cave in full swing. According to sources, the boys, and trainer divided into four groups and then by divers to the outside to be brought. That reports the Bangkok Post.

The first group consists of four boys, the others from three persons. The trainer will be with the last group to go. Every boy will be accompanied by two divers.

The area around the entrance to the flooded cave is cleared.

Early Sunday morning (Dutch time) are eighteen divers the cave sent the boys to the rescue. By the rescue workers is three to four days trained. Among the divers are thirteen foreigners. The boys in the cave were informed of the operation. Possible are the first guys Sunday night 21: 00 (local time) to the outside. That is around 16.00 hours Dutch time.


Depending on the weather, the whole operation three to four days. It seems that heavy rainfall this afternoon and tonight a spanner in the works can throw. That makes the pressure on workers is even greater.

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According to Narongsak, the guys there “ready” for. The children aged between 11 and 16 years and their 25-year-old trainer are medically tested, and during the operation by the two divers escorted outside.

“Today is D-day’

Narongsak said that the best day to attempt is reached, “because the biggest part of the path again.” The water level in the cave is the last days dropped. “Today, we are the most ready for it. Today is D-day.”

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The area around the entrance to the flooded cave, it was Sunday morning already evacuated. Journalists who are there to stop is asked to go away. “During the operation, media should on the site, no pictures. Someone who has inappropriate pictures, you will be held responsible”, said a legerwoordvoerder them. Ten ambulances and medical personnel arrived in the area. American divers arrived at the cave, reports a reporter from The Guardian.

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Although the rescue operation has already been beonnen, sends the Dutch pompenbedrijf Of Heck Sunday, two employees and equipment to Thailand. If the divers do not succeed in their mission, the company found a solution, says a spokesman. A Saturday of the test run proved successful.

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The solution that the company has figured out, is a so-called heveloplossing. In addition, water needs to be pumped out with the help of the natural course and the vacuum suck water. ,,Think of the use of a straw in a fuel tank if anyone has the wrong fuel tank. If you to the straw in the tank sucks, in the beginning of the flow. We believe that with the help of snakes may happen.’

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