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Opinion mirror CW27: crypto-currencies in the barrage of criticism

Here is a small selection of opinions you can find weekly, from the sphere of crypto-currencies, in bite-size pieces served.

Saifedean Ammous: The final boss is BIZ

In a Twitter-Storm of Saifedean Ammous, his character author of the book “the Bitcoin Standard”, hailing it the only way to criticism of the Bank for international settlements (BIS). This is a “opaque global bureaucracy of Central banks”. Their regulatory efforts would wear in the worst sense of the “spectacular” fruit. As a “final boss”, the trailer applies to Bitcoin to fight, Ammous the BIZ-in-chief, Agustín Carstens.

Krugman: crypto is not a currency, currencies

Also, the American Economics Nobel prize laureate Paul Krugman has taken to Twitter air. His criticism, however, goes in the direction of the crypto-currencies. He is in the choir of those that deny the digital money to be a currency: “If a digital currency is used for transactions, then, well, Yes, a currency?” tweeted Krugman on 3. July. On the expected harsh reactions from the crypto-trailer, he responds with Getrolle. But you convinced best.

Bank of Finland: see above

The question of whether Krytpowährungen be regular money and to be able to replace it, denies the Bank of Finland, BoF. So they slurred in an analysis of the concept of a digital currency as a “mistake”. Robert Devoe of sees the mistake, however, on the side of the Central Bank. This is namely the time, deliberately introduced systemic properties of crypto-currencies on purpose as weaknesses. Instead, the BoF should make better thoughts about why obviously so many people for the idea of a digital currency can inspire.

Shiller: crypto-a Epidemic currencies

Krugman was not the only Nobel laureate who has fulminated this week against crypto-currencies. His colleague Robert J. Shiller, using the much-touted bubble, in order to clarify its attitude towards digital currencies. In an Interview with Bloomberg, the Yale Professor Bitcoin also known as an “Epidemic of enthusiasm”, which I acquired mainly young people.

Ron Paul: Gold and Bitcoin against the centralism

The former U.S. presidential candidate Ron Paul has a more optimistic attitude to Bitcoin & co. The libertarian politicians dealt with the question of how the precious metals and crypto currencies can contribute to dismantle monopolistic structures of the world economy. Accordingly, he breaks into his “The Dollar Dilemma” essay entitled a lance for the Dezentralised-Ledger technology. In addition, Paul speaks of the combination of Gold and crypto-currencies, it could make it easier for people to get used to a completely new, decentralized money.

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