Monday night 35 artists in Diksmuide

4d07c7704dee2d5583ec5ac9dd066c44 - Monday night 35 artists in Diksmuide

On Monday 9 July, no fewer than 35 artists to Diksmuide and that for the pictures of The Flemish Top 10 of Ment. The music channel has, among others, The Romeo’s, Sammy Moore, Sasha & Davy, Jettie Pallettie, Ghost Rockers, Danny Diëgo, Matthias Lens, Wim Leys, Amaryllis Temmerman, Herbert Verhaeghe, Jo Vally, Lindsay, The Spirit, Rudy Meyns, Belle Perez, Frank Valentino, Celien, Koen Crucke, Lissa Lewis, Faith, Molly, Bandit, Oscar Harris, Luc Steeno, Swoop, Christoff, Bart Herman, Guy Neve, Eveline Cannoot, Mathis Weerbal, Willy Sommers, Ida De Nijs, Günther Neefs, Otto Lagerfett, David Vandyck, and Phil and Kevin on the schedule.

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