Kim Kardashian to women’s prison

Kim Kardashian has a women’s prison in the U.s. city of Corona visited. The 37-year-old realityster got a tour and spoke with prisoners, knows TMZ.

Kim Kardashian

Kim arrived with a number of bodyguards and immediately got a tour of the California Institution for Women. Hereinafter, they met fifteen women. She spoke with them about their daily routine, but also about their plans for the future.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was a few hours in the prison. Her visit would be part of its mission to provide a program for female ex-prisoners. This program would give them should help to better adapt to the society once they are released.

Kim seems to be a new goal in life to have found since they were there last month ensured that the 63-year-old Alice Johnson on free feet. The woman sat for more than twenty years for a relatively light drugsvergrijp. Kardashian went to the White House with president Donald Trump to talk about her case. A few days later Johnson grace.

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