Kim Kardashian gives dog fake testicles

6ec22c686af7ebbc34f670f3954fdbb7 - Kim Kardashian gives dog fake testicles

Rocky, the dog of Kim Kardashian, do after his castration not as a eunuch, and to live. Kim has at the boxer fake-testicles implants, know The New York Times.

Kardashian has the ’Neuticles’, to the value of about 11,000 euros, at Rocky implants to make him more self-confidence.

According to Gregg Miller, inventor of Neuticles, the majority of his clients are “ordinary huisdiereigenaren for the fake testicles choose to have their pet’s dignity and self-respect.”

Since 1995 the surrogate-balls invented, they are surgically implanted at 500,000 animals, including dogs, cats, a monkey, a few lab rats, and even an elephant.

The 37-year-old Kim, now married to rapper Kanye West, bought Rocky when she was with former American footballspeler Reggie Bush. “Rocky is just like me, his mommy. He is cool, calm and going with the flow”, said the realityster at the time about her pet.

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