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Jack White: Gitaarwerken and more

Jack White: Gitaarwerken and more

Jack White

Jack White is known as gitaarbeul: while we wait for the action – on the big screen has a clock digitally down to zero – likkebaarden a few gear freaks next to me at the thought of the prachtgitaren that they soon will get. White runs exactly at the zero stage, accompanied by two keyboardists, a bassist and drummer.

Not Meg, nostalgics, but Carla Azar, the multi-instrumentalist on a few of his solo projects is playing drums. The Hollywood trap which his band plays is white, the band is wearing black and white, the technical team is wearing black suits and hats, they look like Amish. For someone who is music, eat, drink and breathe has White eye for decoration.

The fans of guitar solos are well on their retreat, especially in the first half-hour. But White also play a quatre mains with one of the pianists in the ‘Hotel Yorba’, and ‘My doorbell’ is playing drums he is face to face with Azar. The pianists doubling their drums, the song is a huge verve.

And for the rest do White where he is so happy to amuses: well-known songs to disassemble and they blur together again, or of surprising covers of Jack White songs. As soon as there is a herkenningsapplausje sounding for ‘Steady as she goes’ by The Racconteurs (one of Whites, thirteen side projects) plays a keyboard there’s a cool synthpartij through it. Which can be everything: we hear funk, soul, psychedelic, blues and even a bit,

‘I cut like a buffalo’ by The Dead Weather (still a nevenproject) goes over into ‘Fell in love with a boy’ by Joss Stone, once fast and once at normal speed. And was that a verse of ‘Seven nation army’ that we heard in ‘You don’t know what love is (you just do as you’re told)” by The White Stripes? Oops, she has already passed.

We get ‘Seven nation army’ yet, in the end, if the audience already arrange has gotten in the quirky games of White. And after he ‘Icky thump’ has dedicated to Donald Trump. It is a song from 2007, when Trump was still a realityster was. But the story about White that flight to Mexico speaks for itself, with lines like ” white Americans, what? / why don’t you kick yourself out? / you’re an immigrant too / who’s using who / well you can’t be a pimp and a prostitute too ” – that speaks for itself. And he thanks us again, sincerely, also on behalf of his band, that we’re in the heat to see it. If it should be white, do us but Jack White.

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