Four football players brought to safety

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BANGKOK – UPDATE 15:45 HOURS * The first boys have been rescued from the partially flooded cave in the far north of Thailand. Rescue workers reported that six boys are freed from their precarious position. Of those six, there would be two not yet out of the catacombs of the cave.

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The Thai authorities reported that four boys on the team, which consists of twelve football players and their trainer, in safety. Certainly two with a helicopter and transferred to a hospital in Chiang Rai, 675 km north of the capital Bangkok.

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The group of youth soccer players in the age from eleven to sixteen years it became two weeks ago, embedded in the cave by water as a result of heavy rainfall, parts of the dungeon in the cave blocked. Only last week they traced.

According to the Thai newspaper Khao Sod, the first boy to 12.40 hours (Dutch time) and the second at 12.50 pm the cave. The guys are professional divers brought out. Sunday, eighteen divers, the cave sent the twelve football players and their coach to the rescue.

By the rescue workers is three to four days, with the boys trained. Among the divers are thirteen foreigners. Depending on the weather the entire rescue operation for three to four days.

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The boys and trainer are divided into four groups and then by divers to the outside to be brought. The first group consists of four boys, the others from three persons. The trainer will be with the last group to go. Every boy will be accompanied by two divers.

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Thai media reported from the first to the rescue. In the cave are helicopters and thirteen ambulances ready to the twelve players and their coach (25).

The boys are part of a jeugdvoetbalteam that disappeared on 23 June during a visit to the caves. Divers found the twelve boys and their trainer just this past week. They are stuck on about 4 km away from the entrance.

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The players have Saturday letters sent to their parents and neighbors. The coach of the football team has a letter apologized to the parents, reports the BBC. It is the first time that they contact could lay with their parents. The letters state that not to worry. “We are all strong.” Also ask the young people to food, including fried chicken and one asks his teacher to them not to much homework to give.

If all football players today are saved, they have sixteen days were caught in the Tham Luang cave, in the northern province of Chiang Rai. What happened on that day and during the days after?

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