First two children from Thai cave freed

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The first two children are out of the cave, are liberated. Reports that a new report, says the BBC.

In Thailand, the first two players to be successful from the flooded caves liberated, after more than two weeks trapped. Report that both the NOS (Dutch, VTM News Thai media.

According to Khaosod, the first boy around 12.40 pm (Belgian time) to the outside. The second followed about ten minutes later. They are currently being examined by a medical team on the spot. The football players walked on its own power to the medical staff.

There are now ten other players (between 11 and 16 years) and their 25-year-old trainer in the cave. For each of them, a individually medical team, including a private helicopter to take them to a hospital over 60 miles away.

Rescue operation

The rescue operation went to 05.00 pm (Belgian time) of start. Estimated that the first guys not to 16.00 in the entrance of the cave. According to the leader of the rescue team can see the whole operation from two to four days.

The rescue team consists of thirteen foreign divers, five Thai colleagues and five members of the Thai navy. Each boy is approximately four kilometres long track is accompanied by two divers.

The group came on June 23, stuck, after the surface is placed under water by the heavy rainfall.

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