First summer Lotto’s musical show

31c65e908930f9e11281cb2f2f45b560 - First summer Lotto's musical show

The actual premiere of Lotto’s musical show 2018, which took place on 19 may take place in Blankenberge. But the first real check-out, concierge is for Middelkerke, where the Epernayplein will undoubtedly fill up for a lot of show and music. You can even use the prizes as you clasp to buy. Even if you have not won, do you still have a chance to by an innocent hand drawn.

The show itself is split into two parts. The first part is from 14h30 to 18h, while the second part takes place between 20h and 22h. In the first part there are performances of Lissa Lewis, Laura Lynn and Sam Gooris. In the second part, Gene Thomas and Sergio expected.

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