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English lyrical about Lukaku

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The Belgian victory against Brazil in the quarter-finals of the world cup has loosened. In our country, was a mini-earthquake caused, in Brazil, there was weeping and in England sprinkled them with praise. Especially in the direction of Romelu Lukaku.

Score did ‘Big Rom’ is not against the Divine Canaries, but the striker of Manchester United showed again his voetbalintelligentie and instinct. So he lay at the base of the second Belgian goal, that name came from Kevin De Bruyne. With a stripe for eternity.

In the BBC studio they were with open mouth, watching the Red Devils and especially Lukaku went over the tongues with the English. “It is exactly a game of football on the playground,” says Rio Ferdinand. ‘Where a 16-year-old against a number of 11-year-olds. He is just too big and too strong for everyone. Actually, he was almost not allowed to play against those guys.’

Alan Shearer was the comment of his colleague just to confirm. “I am enormously impressed by Lukaku,’ said the Newcastle and Blackburn legend. ‘Speed, strength, power, talent, technique, other players involve… And all that while he must play a role that he is not just. He creates space for De Bruyne and Eden Hazard. Saw you actually at once that he felt like it.’

‘And if he has the ball in the open space, grab him just do not go back. He is too fast and too strong. If he scored, he had a perfect game played.’

Meanwhile, were given the Red Devils a compliment from the Italian angle. No less a person than Alessandro Del Piero, world champion in 2006, bewierookte the Belgians. “Belgium has a great team. Rich in talent, that also is a sacrifice for the team. They are super organized, and Hazard is a real leader. Courtois is fantastic, Lukaku top. A deserved victory and semi-final!’

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