Egypt takes revenge after attack

5a12402a8d110f30844fc5807bfea8d9 - Egypt takes revenge after attack

CAIRO – The Egyptian air force has Friday night retaliatory attacks carried out in Libya. Fighter jets attacked targets near the city of Derna. It was helped by the armed forces from the east of Libya.

The bus in which the copts were riddled with bullet holes.

According to the military authorities concerned the six attacks on camps where militants are trained. The militants are associated with al-Qaeda and were responsible for the bloody attack on two buses with coptic christians in the Egyptian province of al-Minya. This came certainly 29 passengers, including several children, to life.

’Crime does not remain unpunished’

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi had moments before on tv said that this crime is not unpenalized would remain and that he states that sponsor terrorism will address. According to the Eastern-Libyan air force is the attack continued with grondoperaties.

The responsibility for the attack on the two buses is not yet claimed. Previous bomb attacks on coptic churches in Egypt this year were claimed by terrorist group Islamic State, then with more violence against christians has threatened.

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