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Crypto-anarchy: What is a Cypher punk is?

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An intense confrontation with Bitcoin sooner or later leads to the dark history of the Internet. Satoshi Nakamoto published his Bitcoin White Paper first on the Mailing list of “Cypher punks”. What is a Cypher-punk?

For Inquisitive minds the crypto anarchy Wiki to remedy the situation. A Cypher punk is, therefore,

“each activist that the widespread use of strong cryptography and privacy protective represents technology as a means for social and political change.”

It all started with a bit of mathematics

Since the late 1980s, an informal group of individuals, the coordinate of an E-Mail list, to the above-mentioned purpose, comply with exist. Was encouraged this movement by the discovery of asymmetric cryptography by Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman. The asymmetry means that you use the same password for the encryption and decryption of data, but two passwords. A is only used to Encrypt this password is also called often the “Public Key”. The other is used only to Decrypt “Private Key”. This discovery made it possible for messages over insecure communication channels to exchange and can be sure that no man in the middle can listen in on the communication traffic.

The Private/Public-Key cryptography, it shortens with the letters PGP. They stand for Pretty Good Privacy. To decrypt such a message is almost impossible.

The development of a technological Revolution

In the early 1990s, the Cypher received punk-movement formal ideology. Three individuals, Eric Hughes, Timothy C. May and John Gilmore to organise regular Meetings in a small group in the Region of San Francisco. The Name “Cypher-punk” was created in accordance with the “crypto anarchy Wiki,” a dystopian direction of the Science-Fiction literature.

In 1992, wrote Timothy C. May’s “crypto anarchy Wiki,” he said, a world that would largely be due to the technological progress characterized. Was motivated to May mainly due to libertäres ideas like Ayn Rand. His classmate, Eric Hughes wrote the following year, “crypto anarchy-Wiki”. A Cypherpunks for Hughes, someone of the program is to protect the privacy of the people.

Under the Microscope – Timothy C. May

Watch this Video on YouTube.

The Cypher punk Mailing list and attracted many talented and famous personalities. About the Australian Hacker and journalist Julian Assange, founded in 2006, the WikiLeaks revelation platform, and since 2012 in the Embassy of Ecuador in London is held. Or Nick Szabo, a well-known figure in the Bitcoin Community.

Not the least of Satoshi Nakamoto found himself under the Cypher punks and published in 2008, his legendary White Paper to a “Peer-to-Peer electronic Cash Network”. So Satoshi Nakamoto realized a dream that had nurtured the Cypher-punks since the early days: a electronic, of States, independent of the means of payment for the digital world.

Impact of the Cypher punks

The existence of the Cypher punks, the small movement out of San Francisco, has made it noticeable. Around the world, the ideology has been propagated and has found followers. Coordinated via the Mailing list, and with strong cryptography in the Arsenal of the Cypher punks have managed to not only stay relevant, but to go further steps. With the invention of Bitcoins, a further milestone has been laid, as well as in the established world for attention.

It is assumed that the Cypherpunks continue to pursue actively their dream of a private world, and new technical innovations. Finally, it cannot be said that there is a malevolent or terrorist organization. The desire for privacy is not a crime. Finally, a look at the German past, the GDR shows that Monitoring is most often misused for political purposes.

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