British died after poisoning with Russian nerve gas

bc535e3ce310152862a77ea00958575a - British died after poisoning with Russian nerve gas

The British last week because of a poisoning with novitsjok-nerve gas to the hospital, died. That says a Scotland Yard Sunday night. There is an investigation for manslaughter.

Emergency services found Saturday night Charlie Rowley and Dawn Sturgess – both in the forty – unconscious at an address in Amesbury, about 10 miles north of Salisbury. Originally, the police assume that the two an overdose of heroin or crack cocaine had taken. But it soon became clear that she was poisoned.

According to the antiterreurpolitie there are currently no indications that the man and the woman a specific target. How the two came in contact with the zenuwgif, is still unclear.

Possible it is a remnant of the poisoning of the former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal. That was earlier this year, together with his daughter Yulia found unconscious on a sofa in Salisbury. Research has shown that poisoned with a small amount of the deadly zenuwgif novitsjok. The British authorities claimed Russia responsible for the attack.

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