Baby and toddler dead after hours in a sweltering car

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Phoenix – Two young children aged 9 months and 2 years are in the American state of Arizona to the life by overheating. They were left in the car when their mother went to her work. The 20-year-old woman was shortly after the discovery of the bodies was arrested.

She has always denied that they are the ones left behind, in march of this year. Because for a long time was not sure where the children exactly had died, there was recently an autopsy performed. Possible causes of death as drugs or disease could thus be excluded.

This day it was 23 degrees and the sun was shining, so that the temperature un the car quickly down. Each year die in the united states, on average, 37 children left in sweltering cars.

Despite warnings, there are also in the Netherlands still people who have their children or pets left in the car. In the Utrecht village of Haarzuilens were at the end of June nig three young children of one, three and five years out of a sweltering car met. The parents had their children according to the police in the vehicle left to ’even’ to the flea market.

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Concerned bystanders called for help. Agents tapped a window of the steps. The three little ones had according to the police, twenty or so minutes in the hot car, sat down, and were already quite sweaty and hot hit.

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